Canyoning Ticino Switzerland

It's called the El Dorado of Canyoning the swiss region Ticino holds some of the most spectacular and scenic canyons of europe within a few square kilometres!

No question that this is area is the second home to many of our guides that would love to take you there and show you what it's like to slide down some of the most epic slides you can imagine and move through incredibly carved rock sculptures!

Our canyoning trips to Ticino are designed as multiple day trips. This is wise as we are going to develop from rather easy trips to the really unbelievable big canyons of Switzerland. Trust us: after you've done day one you don't wanna stop!

We also have the opportunity to go helicopter-canyoning during these camps. Helicopter flights are of course voluntary and not included in the price.

Accomodation is to be organised individually. However if you decide to stay on the campsite with our guides you'll be benefitting of our very special rates as well as of a deeper insight into the sport and industry of canyoning.


  • certified guides according to austrian laws
  • first class equipment including wetsuits, socks, helmet, harness and special canyoning shoes included
  • small groups with maximum 7 students per guide
  • full service planning and organisation
  • pictures of the trip for download
  • english language fluently spoken in office and field


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